Thanks to all for your quick responses and your support

It is interesting that Lauren brought up the drug addict reference. I certainly compare his Quixtar to an addiction. And you’re right, Lauren, I wouldn’t let just a little drugs in the house or contact with a dealer. Before Matt moved out we put our foot down about having any meetings with prospects or even having product delivered here. That’s why he moved out. And Queen has a point about being a dream stealer. He already uses those terms about his father and I.
Hal, I have pointed out that he needs to see if his friends will help him, if they are concerned about his success in life as well as Quixtar. He blows me off when I bring that up. He is so blind. Or is it just denial? I am going to have to get my cult book out again and read it. I know that he is brainwashed, yet I guess I forget the depth of it.

And to Daniel, as far as AMO’s go. I have daytime fantasy’s about walking into a WWDB function and tossing a grenade on the stage.

I will let you know what happens. Fortunatly, or maybe not, Matt is personable and employable, so I may not have him on my doorstep. But I will continue to struggle to recognize a child who has turned into a lying, half-truth spitting, manipulative person that I hardly recognize. So sad.