Thank You Chip

I totally appreciate that feed back. I have found a company out of Canada that I purchase items for. To the gentleman who needs proof, I use magentic therapy for back pain, so I not only do I perform magnetic therapy to my clients as a service, Im also proof that it works. You point is so true, its not the point of whether the products work or not. Hey, to each is its own. As a practitioner, my ONLY point is this company sells items that are above market value which I think is awful along with the fact the way they manipulate people to get involved is out of order.

To the gentleman who needs proof:
Alternative medicine is always going to be questionable in the west so thats neither here nor there. Its obviously doing alot of good for alot of people. Let me be clear, while we can ask for proof for everything, some things just IS!! You really wouldn’t know one way of another if you’ve never tried it with a open mind. Im a holistic practitioner for a reason, and my business wouldn’t be doing well if people were not getting results, even the skeptics.
My business has nothing to do with Nikken. I wouldn’t dare manipulate my clients with such garbage. This company has taken a legit modality and turning it into something horrible. I only got involved because I thought that I found more products that would help benefit my clients well-being. Once I got involved, i found out that the products came at an ridiculous price. I dont advertise anything to anybody without doing a case study first, because just like any other legit therapist, I need to know that what Im offering works. In addition to ALL that, I also understand that everybody’s anatomy is different. What may work for me may not necessarily work for the next person. Some people like the results of advil while others like tylenol…same point. Most of the cridics that write articles bashing alternative health, has never tried alternative health, so there opinions are meaningless.
I say do knock it until you try it and 1 day trials don’t count.
Thanks again Chip….for your positive feedback.