So sorry you are having to deal with this

I can’t even imagine how disheartening and disturbing it must be to watch your son go through this and deal with the repercussions in the family.

I was trying to think about what I’d do if it was my son and as much as I always agree with Hal on things, I think I might have to go with the NO MLM in my house route. Period. I mean, I’m just not sure I could do it any other way…to watch it (the brain sucking, mind effbomb) attack my son like a cancer.

Yep, I’d def have to go that route. No MLM in no way, shape or form IN my house. Those are the rules. AND if I give him ANY money at all, then none of his money can be used for MLM, while he’s in my house.

Harsh maybe but if he was an alcoholic or drug addict, I would not allow just a little bit of drugs in my home…or be okay with paying his cell phone bill so he can call his drug dealer for drugs, etc. Nope, not happening.

I hope that the decisions you need to make come easily. Stay strong! You are not now and never will be the “bad guy” even if you have to make the hard decisions.