I’m in almost the identical situation

you are except my son has been at scamway for 1 1/2 years and is living at home. I have to disagree with Daniel. Asking your ds to read books like Merchants of Deception or even peruse this list is probably way beyond what he is capable of absorbing right now. I think what’s important is to let your son know that you love him and that you are there for him. I like Hal’s idea about emphasizing how he’s lucky to have such good friends and you’re sure they’ll help him out.

As for his living situation, I don’t see the point in restricting his involvement in ‘the business’ if he moves home or if you’re financially supporting him. It will only alienate him from you. You’ll be a dream stealer, a loser and every other negative word that scamway has taught him to flush the people who really care about him. Certainly, though, you can ask him to pay rent and contribute to the household expenses. If you are considering helping him out with living expenses, I would pay any funds directly to the landlord, utility company, etc. It’s just too difficult and contentious to track how a 24 yo spends his money if you’re giving cash or writing checks to him.

As for living in his car, it doesn’t sound that bad to me. But then, I have *no* idea what type of neighborhood he would be in. If it’s an unsafe, urban area, I’d be concerened but a well-lighted, highly trafficked urban area, a quiet suburban one or any rural area would probably be relatively safe.

Good luck and do let us know what happens.