I need help staying strong

as I watch my Quixtar addled son hit bottom. Quick recap, 21 yr. old son, 3+ years in “the business”.
Lives on his own and has for a year, been working in a bank for about 9 months. Has spent evey extra dime he has on an AMO (WWDB)and tons of Amway product for himself. Lives in a suit, alienated all of his friends. Working on alienating his extended family. Well, he lost his job yesterday. I forsee a difficult time finding another one, given the economy and the fact he was told by his upline that he didn’t have to go to college to be successful, so he dropped out. My friends think I should tell him he has to stop ordering product and doing any sort of Quixtar business. If he chooses not to do that, I should let him sleep in his car. Because we can be sure his upline isn’t going to take him in. I can’t fathom letting my child sleep in his car! Do I have to take it that far???