I am the proof Hal

Good enough for you or do you want to throw what its done for me under the bus. Not only did a perform a case study on myself since I was having back pain issues, I also did a study on two of my clients, one who suffers from fibromyaglia and the other that suffers from migraines. Sorry to inform you, but magnetic therapy work for us all. In addition to doing magnetic therapy, we also change our way of life, which is why I am ALL NATURAL!! Do I believe that one product or treatment will solves a persons issues? Absolutely not? That would be ludicrous. I feel like its a combination of your way of living. You take a pill to get rid of a headache, but you aren’t really solving your problem unless you figure out whats causing your headaches in the first place; otherwise you’ll be in the same situation again with the same results again…headache, pop a pill, go on your way.

If you know whats causing the headache wouldn’t it be smart to just avoid the cause, duh!!
Magnetic therapy helped take away my pain, but the cause was a result of being hit in a car accident years ago which left my vertebrae improperly aligned. Most car accidents victims suffer from back pain. After going to a chiropractor and getting properly aligned I no longer have the back pain period. Prior to going to the chiropractor, magnetic therapy helped to releas my pain until I found out what was causing the pain. What do you think massage practitioners do fluff and buff? We study anatomy and the cause and effect of pain. At least the smart legit practitioners do.
Ok…Point proven…moving on. I could go on for days with documented proof and explaining the science behind ANY natural modality that I use with my alterantive practice, but my time is valuable. I’ve worked with some of the best,which is why I am an expert in what I do.
I don’t an MLM to make money, I do that any way, and never approached the company for those purposes. I have a booming practice because Im good at what I do, knowledgable, and I produce results.