Hi Jenna, I’ll throw in my 2-cents worth, as a Mom to 7 now-adults

First of all – I agree with Hal – the sooner he hits rock bottom, the sooner he might begin to see that the AMO is only sucking his wallet dry. Depending on where you live, sleeping in a car isn’t the worst thing in the world. If he’s resourceful, he’ll seek a roommate. He can sign up with a Temp Agency. He can apply at McDonald’s. He has options.

Of course, kids that age often like to “flop”. That what my husband calls it: like a goldfish who jumps out of its bowl, and lies flopping, helpless, until you pick it up and put it back in the bowl.
Anyway, with 7 teens, we had a “no flopping” rule; it basically said “we expect you to get yourself out of your own jams”.

Helping your son in whatever manner, is only enabling him in his “addiction”. It’s Tough Love time – and I know that sounds harsh, but *life* is harsh. There are Rules to be followed – like “respect your employer” and “pay your bills”. “Don’t get sucked into a scam” is another good rule, but one that younger folks often don’t understand, which is why the AMOs like to prey on the college kids 🙁

I suppose my rules sound harsh to some folks – all I can offer is 7 gainfully-employed adults, many of them married and have children; and who are decent and caring members of our society. And they still like me 😉