I definitely see your point Mark

I look at it from a “what could *I* handle”. Selfish maybe but as a mother, I’m just not sure I could handle watching my son work the business in my house, knowing what I know.

Unfortunately, just because one MLM drops him, it isn’t a guarantee that it’ll induce the epiphany we all hope he has. As one who was screwed by one MLM and simply moved on to the next one – there is often a gradual process of realization. Very gradual. One has to come to it on their own terms.

For me, I knew my family did not support my MLM business. Even though I was in it full throttle, there was always something niggling at me as I so trusted and respected my family (especially my father who is a very resourceful successful businessman). When “I” walked away from one company, even though I started a 2nd MLM, I did start questioning, letting those little things that niggled at me through.

I realize we’re all different and learn via different avenues and have differing tolerance levels. Each person has to evaluate the best course of action for their situation.

Anywhich way its sliced, I hope Jenna’s son wakes up sooner than later.

Guy was reading or listening to e-books

more than I slept or was in class, now he’s got so much “knowledge” about internet marketing that he’s spent the last 3 years trying to make a living off of it. First two years, about 2 grand down (made like 100$ off one place but didn’t even continue with it because it only had ”two levels” *cough* pyramid scheme).

last I heard he was trying to use traffic exchanges to try and pimp out someone elses product, only people I see making money (and more than a fraction of minimum wage for the time put in) are the propaganda people launching the over-all “system” then walking away 6 months later to do the exact same thing with a new logo.

It’s like there’s 20 people that each own a slaughter house, the hobbyist who wants to make some extra coin (or make his own business) look at payday loans online and the masses just keep getting herded into the houses to get cleaned of cash. Then a new coat of paint on the house and voila, new batch of suckers to clean.

You think people would fall for MLMs as much if we didn’t have a variety of suspiciously similarly built ”fund raising” techniques used since elementary school?

Yes I do read the professional journals for my trade

As far as the effects of magnetic therapy, yes they do in fact work. I dont want to get preachy about eastern/chinese medicine but if you google magnetic therapy and read on its history you will find out the scientific information behind it. Being that our world (United States) does not teach us about natural healing metholodies, is not uncommon to hear feedback on skeptism on methods outside popping a pill for everything. In the states doctors treat the symptoms and not the actual problem which in return does not usually fix your problem. But why would they? If we knew how to take of ourselves without all the drugs, man made drugs at that, they would be out of business. As rich as our country is suppose to be, we have the WORST health compared to ANY other country in the world. Now why is that? This pertains to not just physical health, but mental health as well.

I said I wasnt going to get preachy…sorry. Its my profession. Kinda hard to keep a response short with you have so much knowledge on the subject at hand. My whole point is simply, just because a healing method does not refer to popping a pill, does not mean it doesn’t work. We all have natural energy healing properties. Rub your hands together and feel them warm up. Thats energy..You cant see it, but you know it exist because you can feel it.. The same with magnets. You may not see what it does to the body when you rub them on your body, but if you try it you will get some effects. The higher the guas of the magnet the stronger the effect it gives. Some situation may require 1 magnet where other situations may need 3 or 4 to give the same effect. Magnetic therapy needs to be performed by someone who knows what they are doing and understands the science behind it all, which is why I dont understand why this company has every Joe blow palying
practitioner to the public, and the products are OVERLY priced. In my opinion thats just being plan old manipulative.

Well that didnt get me? I’ll pay $75 to get inside a company and really find out whats going on. I look at it as my payment to do the research.
Anaya LMP, NCTM, Reiki, AMTA Professional