Mine is to get a 2nd mic

figure out what frequency they use on their wireless PA system and sit outside a door where I can hear them and say extra comments and phrases during “The Plan.” Such as when they say, “Why is this not a pyramid, I’ll tell you why.” Then say, “No, I won’t.
I’ll just badmouth other companies instead.” Then let him continue to give their “answer” and say, “See? I just blamed other companies instead of saying why this wasn’t a pyramid.”

Well, that’s my fantasy on those meetings.

No “magnets” do not work

Cite a study or two to back up the claim or please do not make it. It is very simple – stories do not mean evidence. Don’t come up with the “search google” argument – YOU made the assertion YOU provide the studies that prove your claim. As for the generality about the medical profession – you seem to have bought into the propaganda hook line and sinker without even stopping to wonder why. Did you study to be a doctor?

It is the willingness to be persuaded to swallow total tripe that leads people into MLMs.