We were soooo off track this weekend

but better prepared then we normally would have been if not for EF. Dh had one of his milestone birthday’s this week and I had been scratching my head for months on what to get him.. Finally I hit on the perfect gift… Appleseed, a Revolutionary War Rifle Association weekend he has wanted for quite awhile. He was ecstatic! The actual weekend was not the issue, but all the equipment he needed for this outdoor weekend added up. On top of that I had to run the shoppe by myself for the weekend… and I am certainly not as good at answering questions and doing tech work as Dh… It was also a slow weekend …soooooo, lets just say the EF needs to be built back up…. but dh had the most wonderful time and I know he will remember this birthday as one of the best!

If I may interject

Yes, for many or even most of us, scientific method is the way to prove what works and we take meds that work based on clinical trials for efficacy and safety.

However, the placebo effect, which is what you’re referring to when you talk about true believers, is a known effect of some treatments and has its own validity. Placebos can be efficacious in many situations. While I don’t believe and would not benefit, there are many who do and western medical science takes it seriously.

Please note that I’m not advocating here – not in the least. But for some kinds of ailments, pain, in particular, placebos work.

Again, I’m not advocating the use of magnets for anything or anyone.