Bills were met this week

a very minimal amount was able to go into the envelopes and we had Sat. off to drive an hour to the north and use a coupon for a fish dinner and visit a good will store..
The foreclosure of the flea market really has hit hard… We have lost 1/3 of the income… and I am not sure if I had mentioned this or not but Chris also pastored a small church for the flea market vendors there also. The owners of the flea market paid us 90.00 a month ( really we did not do it for the money) , but a month before they announced the foreclosure they had asked Chris to step down because he wouldn’t do what they asked…. which was we allowed a black woman to pray at the end of service…. ( yep, I’m in the rural south folks)… so along with the scramble to a new business place we are still a bit raw from that whole ordeal…
The flea market decided to relocate and we told them we could not accept the beliefs of the owners/ management… so our tiny little spot in our hometown ( the flea market was 30 minutes away from our home) is the hub of our business…. and its doing OK…. we were really hitting our stride at the old location BUT, thankful we didn’t have any debt to carry with us…
The woman next to our new shop is a realtor and she printed off the real estate listing for the old building we were in… they went into foreclosure in Nov, so the lie they told us in Jan about a new owner and a 3 year lease was false…. and no one new bought the building in March like they told us… the 10 days we had to pack up and relocate was because of an evicition notice and the bank had turned the property over to a trustee…. The realtor said we could sue for rents that we paid int he last 90 days because that is the amount of time allowed in a foreclosure…. those folks simply wanted the rent money up to the very end…
This whole thig has me a bit stressed, I am so glad I have my garden to distract me! AND 100lbs of potatoes to can from a local farmer :)….
..and just between us friends here… may I say I hate racist liars… hate might be a bit harsh….. how about dislike intensely


I think the best thing that could happen at this point is for him to show up on your doorstep. If rent is due on the 1st, he’ll see he has trouble then, but it may depend on how long his landlord takes before evictions on how soon he’ll show up. One interesting thought: I doubt he has many actual “possessions” that he took with him that he hasn’t sold off. If he’s actually evicted, they’ll take all his stuff and put it on the curbside. That would include those stacks and stacks of CDs.

I’d like to see how many of his “friends” help him if that happens. That’s when you can be sure he’ll be coming to you for help.