Hang in there, Jenna!

If its any consolation, age really isn’t too much of a factor. Many folks, myself included were much older when we got sucked in. Many different age groups are targeted by different distributor forums (young adults, moms, etc).

Just keep on doing what you can and what you feel is best. Its all you can do.

Oh good job!

It sounds like he’s being pretty selfish (young adults seem to go through this phase – it does pass); PLUS he’s being encouraged by those around him in the AMO who are possibly panicked by the thought that he might not be able to spend as much of his/(your) money on tools and functions.

But shutting off his supply of “expendable income” (yours) is likely to result in exactly what he fears and YOU want: him becoming “persona non grata” in the eyes of his upline because he’s “Not following the System”. If he’s not pumping money into the system – they’ll drop him like a stone. They DON’T care that he’s
nice/smart/hardworking…whatever. They only care that he keeps the money flowing into the pockets of his upline. Period.

The AMO functions best when your sons fails. He pumps a lot of money into their coffers; and they don’t have to share it with him because he never got to that “magic” level where the kickbacks start.

And *I’d* keep bringing up the Biz 😉 If he was a drug addict, would you stop telling him to leave the drugs alone???

Best wishes!