There’s a reason they call it

TOUGH love although I wonder which side it’s tougher on. Please know we are praying for you and Matt.

And as far as his upline telling him to stop his meds, I wonder what the law would have to say about someone practicing medicine without a license. The next thing is to prove it.

I’m not saying that was right or wrong to tell him

I don’t know. I can see how he’d get upset. From his point of view, he’s down and knows one thing will save him — but it hasn’t saved him yet. He knows that, so any reminder that he’s wrong is going to just set him off. Another way to put it in the future might be to point out that his actions, such as not putting any in savings or anticipating contingencies like this, or not planning ahead on some of these things have given you concern about what his financial management skills. You can bring up a lot of these points without even touching on the money pit.