I dunno –

I think you aren’t giving yourself enough credit (no pun intended). First, you’re paying attention to your finances. That’s better than a LOT of people. You have a Baby Emergency Fund. Again, you’re ahead of many in this consumer-driven world. AND, you’ve already paid off one debt forever! Ya done good! Keep up the good work, and you’ll officially be ‘weird’ before you know it!

I am so sorry you are going through this

Actually I feel somewhat responsible. When Quixtar started I was one of the first distributors. I brought 90% of a down line with me from another MLM in August of 1999. The premise was the Amway ‘Kids’ where starting a newer, better, hipper MLM and was just using Amway as a starter so we could all sign people up before it’s September ’99 kick off. I was told that it was a way the children of the Amway empire could later avoid inheritance tax. I don’t know if that is true or not. It was supposed to be an ultra high tech state of the art web mall. The Amway model made it very hard to make money. In fact I would have made almost double in the company I left, that no longer exists any more. I did make a small living but only because I was literally 3rd from the top. My sponsor and his sponsor are long gone. One went full time with motivational speaking and the other consults for an MLM. I had just turned 18. I dropped out of High School at 16 to become a MLM millionaire. When everyone found out the big lie and realized that we were all duped into joining Amway I fled. I never talked to anyone in my down line ever again. I did receive a few threats. I had to start my whole life over again. I started waiting tables in a four star restaurant and made more money than I did in any MLM and I didn’t have to lie about it either. When I was sick of waiting tables I went to Kelly Services. Because of my MLM experience they gave me HR related work and I was able to build a short career out of that before I got married and had kids. Now that my babies are not exactly babies any more I want to get back out into the work force. Guess what? All my experience doesn’t count for anything. All my mom friends are heading back into the workforce and the ones with the master degrees are having a lot better luck than I would. Experience expires, education lasts forever. I would be willing to talk your son down from the ledge. I know what it’s like to have big dreams and to spend all your time trying to make them happen. The reality is I didn’t want all I thought I had wanted. I have a good life now. I don’t fly all over the world in privet jets but who wants to travel with 3 kids anyway?