Look at what you just wrote! You got your bef FUNDED You paid off a bill! You are doing it girl! There is a reason it’s called baby steps, you didn’t get in debt overnight and you won’t get out overnight (I’m in my fourth year, and that is why it’s starting to look like it’s all coming together fast now—it’s been a long hard road, but soooooo worth it.) It WILL happen, you are getting into the groove of it, there will be speed bumps but you WILL get there, and it will happen sooner than you think.

I definitely see your point Mark

I look at it from a “what could *I* handle”. Selfish maybe but as a mother, I’m just not sure I could handle watching my son work the business in my house, knowing what I know.

Unfortunately, just because one MLM drops him, it isn’t a guarantee that it’ll induce the epiphany we all hope he has. As one who was screwed by one MLM and simply moved on to the next one – there is often a gradual process of realization. Very gradual. One has to come to it on their own terms.

For me, I knew my family did not support my MLM business. Even though I was in it full throttle, there was always something niggling at me as I so trusted and respected my family (especially my father who is a very resourceful successful businessman). When “I” walked away from one company, even though I started a 2nd MLM, I did start questioning, letting those little things that niggled at me through.

I realize we’re all different and learn via different avenues and have differing tolerance levels. Each person has to evaluate the best course of action for their situation.

Anywhich way its sliced, I hope Jenna’s son wakes up sooner than later.

This is a good time to point out

that he has a LOT of friends that think highly of him, that they know how well their program works, so they should be more than happy to loan him the money if they really believe in him. The idea is to try to tie their belief in him with actions they can do to prove they believe in him. If they’re so sure he’ll make it, why won’t they help him in such a hard time as this, when some help from them and the free time to work The Plan all day should be the perfect chance for him to break through?

Set it up so the unspoken question is why won’t they put their money where their mouth is?

Credit, now, is hard for anyone to get

That’s a result of all the easy credit for so long that caused the problems we’re in now. But he won’t listen to that. Again, as painful as this all is (and my heart does go out to you on this — so while I may sound dispassionate in my responses, it’s because I want to help, and not because I don’t empathize), I see it as a good sign. He is blaming you, which means at some level he knows you’re right — just not at a level where he can accept it. This is a form of denial, but at least it’s aimed at you.

This is a good time (okay, not so good a time) to ask the “Why?” questions. “I don’t understand. What did we do that has hurt your credit rating?” or, “Are they giving you reasons why your credit is bad?” or, “Did they give you a reason for turning you down?” Credit card companies won’t answer questions like that, but if he applies for loans at a local bank, he might get answers.

This brings up a thought, which may or may not be a good idea, so wait until you hear feedback from others on this before doing it. Suggest that if he’s having trouble getting credit, he may try to get a small business loan from a local bank — or get support for one from the SBA.
He’ll get turned down, of course, but it might be interesting to see what happens when official institutions tell him he can’t get credit because MLMs are not viable.