Will I ever see the end of the rainbow? I finally finished baby step 1 and working on step 2, which by the way paid off on bill a early termination fee from verizon which was over $500 which included an over due cell bill. It took me several months but got it paid off. I get so discourage at times, I don’t see the end coming.

Mine is to get a 2nd mic

figure out what frequency they use on their wireless PA system and sit outside a door where I can hear them and say extra comments and phrases during “The Plan.” Such as when they say, “Why is this not a pyramid, I’ll tell you why.” Then say, “No, I won’t.
I’ll just badmouth other companies instead.” Then let him continue to give their “answer” and say, “See? I just blamed other companies instead of saying why this wasn’t a pyramid.”

Well, that’s my fantasy on those meetings.

This is a good time to point out

that he has a LOT of friends that think highly of him, that they know how well their program works, so they should be more than happy to loan him the money if they really believe in him. The idea is to try to tie their belief in him with actions they can do to prove they believe in him. If they’re so sure he’ll make it, why won’t they help him in such a hard time as this, when some help from them and the free time to work The Plan all day should be the perfect chance for him to break through?

Set it up so the unspoken question is why won’t they put their money where their mouth is?

I’m looking for information about Usana

My sister-in-law is involved with the group and she is pressuring my mother-in-law to get blood drawn so they can look for things she is allergic to that might be the cause of her colitis. This sounds really weird to me. It costs an initial $500.00. They sent her a kit and a Dr’s order to get blood drawn. I think this goes way beyound pushing vitamins and skin care products. Has anyone had any experience with Usana? What are they settting her up for?

IMHO it makes absolutely no difference in case of Nikken if magnets work or not

And the discussion of efficacy of magnets just distracts from the large pyramid scheme run by the company. I have personally known Nikken “consultants” that made it to platinum after 5 yrs of living and breathing everything “Nikken”, and today, they are just about broke!!

Nikken somehow specializes in flying below the regulatory and news Radar, but takes its consultants for BIG $$.

So while we can all disagree on whether magnets work, or studies or lack thereof, lets not loose sight of the MLM aspect of this discussion – and I think we can all agree – the products don’t matter…

As for the help asked for here by Anaya, I think we would get much further focusing on the MLM aspect, rather than trying to shake her belief in alternative medicine or magnets.

So Anaya, here’s the long and short of it – If you like Nikken’s super expensive products, thats one thing. If you are thinking about the business, know that you have to sign up for autoship(they also have super expensive vitamins – all top of the line of course :), meal replacements, shakes, bracelets, air purifiers etc, and sooner or later, you will own them all ) – They also have this “Wellness” home that you will have to buy at more than $5000. In addition, they have “mandatory” training before you can get to a level where you get any commissions. In short, my opinion is, walk away!!

If you do like magnets, there are other non-MLM vendors of magnetic insoles and such that you can google and get for waaaay less money that you would spend with Nikken….

Good luck!

Can any of you tell me if you’ve ever heard about a company called Nikken

If so can u tell me what u might know about it. I just recently signed up with this company and I think I may have made a mistake. I’m a holistic massage practitioner and was impressed with the thought of getting involved with a company that sold products that would help people to relieve pain w/o taking medication. As I sit here and read the post, I feel like I have been bamboozeled!! I these people dug for information about my personal interest and used it to get me involved in the business. Im usually pretty good on picking up on slicksters trying to run con games. Intuition is something else. I guess I haven’t been had like most people because as of now, I’ve only spent the $75 distributor fee which isn’t too bad considering the fact that I wanted the Magboys that came in the kit which is $69 in retail. After being introduced to company and signing up they were trying to get me to spend another $2600 and a bunch a magnetic products. Being that my background is in eastern/chinese medicine, I can say proudly that magnetic therapy does work but the products with this company, I found out after doing some research is extremely OVER priced!! My gut feeling tells me not to spend another dime with these people. My goal is to help people not manipulate people which is what I see happening as I observe this process now that Im in. Since I didnt spend all of this money immediately, my socall upline don’t reach out to me to socall help me build my business. I also told my upline that I wasnt interested in trying to call everybody I knew to get them to sign up for this business and then turn around and have to spend thousands of dollars for product. Dont these people understand that we are ij a recession? Seems like they could care less. Following my gut feeling, Im not spending ANY more money on a company that helps to break peoples pocket book rather than help build it.

What do you guys know about this company? Is it the same old mess like any other mlm?

All feedback is appreciated.