Glad he’s going to be okay

Luckily my dh’s hand injury could be handled by me and was minor. No stitches, but I know what you mean about it really messing up routines. Be careful to not let him do too much too soon or he’ll bust it back open.
The farm sinking fund is a good idea. Goodness knows there is always something needing built or repaired on every farm across the nation. Ahhh spring, time for garden planning, farm chores, new critters and life anew.

It’s brainwashing and denial

That’s why this is a good chance for him to see it demonstrated. If, when he starts talking about his misfortune, you bring up how supportive and helpful his friends will be, that helps raise his expectations — which we know won’t be met. You’ve been telling him and it doesn’t work. This is the time when his friends themselves will show him.