I’m still a tad sleepy

I was up late researching something last night and DH doesn’t have to work today, so we slept in. Sorta. I just finished Cuppa #1.

Last week was intense; we finished up two major farming projects (pig harvest and goat kidding season), and went right into the next items: starting to get fields ready for either grazing, haying or plowing. Plus we’re helping our landlord get his land certified organic, and there’s a lot of stuff to consider with that. But we’re honored to be asked to help with that task. In the middle of that, DH managed to injure his hand really badly, badly enough that we had to drop everything at 9pm at night and speed down to the ER to have it assessed by doctors more skilled than I at triage. Happily, no permanent injury, some stitches and bandages that had to be changed every day, but he gets the stitches out today. That meant that I had to do all the chores again during the week since he couldn’t lift anything and couldn’t get that hand wet. So it was a hugely busy week. BUT, we had several nice conversations about how to manage money, which is such a huge improvement over the fights we used to have.

One big update – that escrow refund? We’ve decided to put it into savings for the time being, while we continue to consider options and particularly while we wait to see what a few certain things are going to cost us. But long term, it looks like the money will be used as “starter money” for an ongoing farm sinking fund. We came to that decision via a roundabout way. We have predictable, repeating costs well in hand with our monthly budget, for both the household and the farm, and our snowball is clicking along OK. But sometimes we would still bicker as we came upon unexpected, non-repeating costs or one-time capital investment expenses for stuff with the farm. For instance, getting a new pasture fenced in, so that we can expand our grazing area and cut down on feed costs. But it’s going to cost us about $1000 to get that initial setup done. Once it’s done, it’ll pay for itself within a few months. But until now, we just couldn’t quite squeeze the weekly/monthly budget enough to get that money together. With this refund, we’ll be able to get an account going for that sort of thing, start it off with a nice fat amount, then continue to contribute to it and pull from it over time as needed. I’m pretty happy with that solution and DH is too. So I guess that’s our biggest news.

Oh, and whatever folks do, try real hard not to injure their hands when they do manual labor every day. Really messes up the schedule. I’m glad he’s OK but wow he’s getting stir crazy, waiting for his hand to heal.

My heart goes out to you for your situation

I was in the exact same situation with my parents. They got in way too deep with an AMO and ended up losing the house I was raised in. I was the only one of my family in a position to help my parents at the time. My parents moved in with me but under some conditions. 1-NO BUSINESS DEALINGS WITH AMWAY. No money spent on the business at all. If they can’t afford rent, they cannot afford their “business” and my dime was not paying for it. Their AMO was not to call the house or come into my house. I made them have a plan to get solvent again and budget to get back on their feet. It was tough and there were times they were not happy with me but what could they do, I held all the cards.

Anyway, they did what they needed to and helped themselves up. They are doing much better now so I am thankful. Just stay strong and keep to the rules. Letting your son move in if he needs help is not your job if he will not take steps to help himself, but if he is willing to do what he needs to, I would help him as long as he understands that. Good Luck and keep in touch with us.

So sorry you are having to deal with this

I can’t even imagine how disheartening and disturbing it must be to watch your son go through this and deal with the repercussions in the family.

I was trying to think about what I’d do if it was my son and as much as I always agree with Hal on things, I think I might have to go with the NO MLM in my house route. Period. I mean, I’m just not sure I could do it any other way…to watch it (the brain sucking, mind effbomb) attack my son like a cancer.

Yep, I’d def have to go that route. No MLM in no way, shape or form IN my house. Those are the rules. AND if I give him ANY money at all, then none of his money can be used for MLM, while he’s in my house.

Harsh maybe but if he was an alcoholic or drug addict, I would not allow just a little bit of drugs in my home…or be okay with paying his cell phone bill so he can call his drug dealer for drugs, etc. Nope, not happening.

I hope that the decisions you need to make come easily. Stay strong! You are not now and never will be the “bad guy” even if you have to make the hard decisions.

There’s a reason they call it

TOUGH love although I wonder which side it’s tougher on. Please know we are praying for you and Matt.

And as far as his upline telling him to stop his meds, I wonder what the law would have to say about someone practicing medicine without a license. The next thing is to prove it.

This is a good time to point out

that he has a LOT of friends that think highly of him, that they know how well their program works, so they should be more than happy to loan him the money if they really believe in him. The idea is to try to tie their belief in him with actions they can do to prove they believe in him. If they’re so sure he’ll make it, why won’t they help him in such a hard time as this, when some help from them and the free time to work The Plan all day should be the perfect chance for him to break through?

Set it up so the unspoken question is why won’t they put their money where their mouth is?

I’m looking for information about Usana

My sister-in-law is involved with the group and she is pressuring my mother-in-law to get blood drawn so they can look for things she is allergic to that might be the cause of her colitis. This sounds really weird to me. It costs an initial $500.00. They sent her a kit and a Dr’s order to get blood drawn. I think this goes way beyound pushing vitamins and skin care products. Has anyone had any experience with Usana? What are they settting her up for?

I’m not going to sit here and entertain you or your foolishness

Are you so small minded that you think that medical doctors are the only people here that have the answer to everything?
You have a traditional western mentality, so really nothing that I say to you is going to be good enough so why waste the energy. If you truly want to open your mind and learn something new, I have no problem with educating you sweetie, but I’m simply not going to waste my precious time on non-sense.. Some people choose to live a box and are afraid to hear about or respect the validity of anything that does not fit in their way of thinking. I say this biggest BALL of proof anyone can have is to experience a situation for yourself, then you can say that it did or did not work for you. How can you go into the world and tell people what steak taste like if you’ve never taken a bit? Silly isn’t it? Even if you may not like the taste, you can’t talk or judge it until you have experienced it for yourself and even then one can’t give an overall stitched in stone judgment for EVERYBODY, you can only make a judgment call for yourself. Lets wise up and be
intelligent beings already. Magnetic Therapy did work for Anaya and her 2 case studies, along with the clients that get the service. Did it work in the same time frame? NO
Did I have to do different techniques to each client to get the same results? YES…That’s proof that every body’s anatomy is different. What works for one may not work for the other but the same results can be accomplished but in a different way.

Actually, Hal, this blog exists for the (nearly) sole purpose of

CLAIMING that MLM is not a viable business model and that most people who get involved with it will lose money. We are making a claim, so any time someone comes in here making a claim to the contrary, they are, de facto, asking us to support our claim. We have, IMO, an obligation to do that, as best we can.

However, that does not diminish Mick’s assertion that someone whocomes into this blog making claims also has a burden of proof. If I’m going to claim that a claim you’ve made is wrong, it’s up to me to support my side of the argument. You support you claims, and I support mine.

Ordinarily, supporting a negative claim (that something is NOT so) is more difficult than supporting a positive one. However, we have thousands of posts here supporting our side. There’s no reason that a newcomer should be exempt from supporting his/her side as well.

IMO, the question with regard to Nikken, as I believe it was posed, is not whether or not the magnets work, but whether or not Nikken is a valid money-making endeavor. My experience, both studied and anecdotal, is that it is not.

And the big question people should be asking as they consider getting involved is why a company would be seeking out people to become salesmen for their products rather than customers for them? Why do MLM companies like AmQuix, Nikken, Melaleuca and others rely on direct sales rather than traditional advertising to sell their products?
Could it be that their products would not sell in a traditional marketplace and that they have to manipulate people in order to develop a customer base for their products? If all your salespeople are buying the products but doing very little retailing, who are the REAL customers? And why should it be a surprise when the salespeople can’t make a living selling their MLM product?

In short, who cares whether the magnets work? That really isn’t the central point of this blog.