Sung to the tune of “I’m in the money”

I went to the gentleman’s house for the free Egyptian onions starts on Sunday and he was very generous with me. I plan on planting them in 3 different areas—maybe four. One of course will be in the garden but the others will be outside the garden and away from where the geese normally roam since the little stinkers killed my last ones. I cannot tell you how delighted I was to find them. I love green onions to cook with and to eat with a meal as well, but usually I only do 1-2 at a time and the rest of the bunch goes bad. This way I can use the cut and come again system, have my green onions year round and no slime in the fridge.
This was the first time I’d met the man and his wife in person, but we’ve been on the same homesteading group for years. They are a delightful couple just a little older than we are. We chatted with them for about an hour or so and then scooted back home. Once there dh put the onions where the geese couldn’t reach them and then he and ds worked more on cutting down our dead trees and on my can rotators. Both projects are far from finished, but they made progress.
I was ordered into the house to rest because I over did on Saturday and was up coughing all night as a result. I personally think that getting out in the warm sunshine and fresh air helped me a lot today.
We got the taxes mailed while we were out on Sunday as well. Another year of paying in, but it’s done and that is a good thing.
I went to add things to my account and found it had expired while I was ill, so I will be relisting those items again this coming week. They don’t sell if they aren’t listed.
Friday I ran the budget numbers for the week and found we were under budget so I celebrated by paying an extra $35 on the little BOA—only about $1,000 to go on that one. The rest of the under budget cash went into savings for the week we have a shortfall on our budget, at this point, next month.
While looking through Saturday’s mail dh and I shared a big smile, our monthly mortgage statement was in the mail and the original $200,000 bill is now down to $46,000 due to the extra we paid on it before Ben and the determination to stay on the Ben plan during unemployment. The second mortgage that was over $130,000 is below $50,000 too, and that brought a smile to our faces. Crazy how that is isn’t it?
A couple of blog posts went up in the last week as well. Thanks again to all those who visit. I hope you enjoy the posts.
Since I’ve been puny dh has been working hard at trying to keep on top of the housework, but he’s losing the battle. I’ve got to kick this cough soon or the health department may show up.
The threatened storms of last week, and last night never showed up at our house, but did in other parts of OK and MO please pray for all those folks.