Okay, now it’s your turn:

You have demonstrated a knowledge of MLM and an empathy for the members of our club. For that reason, I’d like your messages to be able to post to the board immediately, without being moderated.

But because you haven’t completed your profile, I have to review and approve every message you post, and I can’t even send you a private message about it since you do not have an email address attached to your profile. You should consider this as much an inconvenience for you as it is for me, since you have to wait for me to moderate new messages before your posts will appear. That can sometimes take up to a day, depending upon my personal schedule.

If you would set up a Yahoo or Google/Gmail email address and attach that to your Yahoo profile for this group, your messages would not be delayed, and I could be less concerned about approving messages to the board that would not normally need approving.

Having an email account specifically for online forums would also prevent unwanted contact in your personal email from MLMers who troll these groups looking for prospects.

Please consider setting that up ASAP. You’ll be doing both of us a favor.

I definitely see your point Mark

I look at it from a “what could *I* handle”. Selfish maybe but as a mother, I’m just not sure I could handle watching my son work the business in my house, knowing what I know.

Unfortunately, just because one MLM drops him, it isn’t a guarantee that it’ll induce the epiphany we all hope he has. As one who was screwed by one MLM and simply moved on to the next one – there is often a gradual process of realization. Very gradual. One has to come to it on their own terms.

For me, I knew my family did not support my MLM business. Even though I was in it full throttle, there was always something niggling at me as I so trusted and respected my family (especially my father who is a very resourceful successful businessman). When “I” walked away from one company, even though I started a 2nd MLM, I did start questioning, letting those little things that niggled at me through.

I realize we’re all different and learn via different avenues and have differing tolerance levels. Each person has to evaluate the best course of action for their situation.

Anywhich way its sliced, I hope Jenna’s son wakes up sooner than later.