A similar thing happened to my son

A few months after he got involved with Scamway, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The two months before he was diagnosed, he was in a full-blown mania, drinking lots of the Amway caffeine energy drinks, not sleeping, talking a mile a minute, calling everyone he knew and recruiting them for Scamway, being totally financially irresponsible, etc., etc. It was a nightmare. Once he got stablized and went back to college, his upline told him there was nothing wrong with him, he didn’t need to take his medications, just use lots of the Scamway vitamins. Within a month, he was depressed and unable to function in school and dropped out of college. At least he’s at home now, on his medications and relatively stable emotionally. Unfortunately, he’s still involved with Scamway. 🙁

Hang in there, Jenna!

If its any consolation, age really isn’t too much of a factor. Many folks, myself included were much older when we got sucked in. Many different age groups are targeted by different distributor forums (young adults, moms, etc).

Just keep on doing what you can and what you feel is best. Its all you can do.