Of course he will

But you don’t want to put it in those terms to him. If you do (“You come to Mommy, but you’ll take her money,”) then it makes it harder for him to come to you for help when he hits bottom.
Oh, and make sure he does not see a pattern of you saying, “I told you so.” You want to make it easy for him to come to you when it falls apart.

This is a good time to point out

that he has a LOT of friends that think highly of him, that they know how well their program works, so they should be more than happy to loan him the money if they really believe in him. The idea is to try to tie their belief in him with actions they can do to prove they believe in him. If they’re so sure he’ll make it, why won’t they help him in such a hard time as this, when some help from them and the free time to work The Plan all day should be the perfect chance for him to break through?

Set it up so the unspoken question is why won’t they put their money where their mouth is?