Oh good job!

It sounds like he’s being pretty selfish (young adults seem to go through this phase – it does pass); PLUS he’s being encouraged by those around him in the AMO who are possibly panicked by the thought that he might not be able to spend as much of his/(your) money on tools and functions.

But shutting off his supply of “expendable income” (yours) is likely to result in exactly what he fears and YOU want: him becoming “persona non grata” in the eyes of his upline because he’s “Not following the System”. If he’s not pumping money into the system – they’ll drop him like a stone. They DON’T care that he’s
nice/smart/hardworking…whatever. They only care that he keeps the money flowing into the pockets of his upline. Period.

The AMO functions best when your sons fails. He pumps a lot of money into their coffers; and they don’t have to share it with him because he never got to that “magic” level where the kickbacks start.

And *I’d* keep bringing up the Biz 😉 If he was a drug addict, would you stop telling him to leave the drugs alone???

Best wishes!

Just had a huge fight with Matt

because I will not include him in my AMEX account and get him a card. He can’t get credit, which btw is somehow our fault, or maybe it’s because he has bounced lots of checks and doesn’t have much in his bank account. I told him that I did not trust his judgement with money. When he was working he should have had lots of extra income, but he threw it away on product and his AMO.
When I tried to gently suggest that to him, he blew up. He told me I was not supposed to bring up “the business”.

I suggested he get a secured credit card, but he did not wasnt to tie up the $$. I told him if he had an emergency he could call me, he reply was he didn’t want to go to his mommy. But he’ll take mommy’s credit card!!!!!

I’m trying!!!

Guy was reading or listening to e-books

more than I slept or was in class, now he’s got so much “knowledge” about internet marketing that he’s spent the last 3 years trying to make a living off of it. First two years, about 2 grand down (made like 100$ off one place but didn’t even continue with it because it only had ”two levels” *cough* pyramid scheme).

last I heard he was trying to use traffic exchanges to try and pimp out someone elses product, only people I see making money (and more than a fraction of minimum wage for the time put in) are the propaganda people launching the over-all “system” then walking away 6 months later to do the exact same thing with a new logo.

It’s like there’s 20 people that each own a slaughter house, the hobbyist who wants to make some extra coin (or make his own business) look at payday loans online and the masses just keep getting herded into the houses to get cleaned of cash. Then a new coat of paint on the house and voila, new batch of suckers to clean.

You think people would fall for MLMs as much if we didn’t have a variety of suspiciously similarly built ”fund raising” techniques used since elementary school?

I’m looking for information about Usana

My sister-in-law is involved with the group and she is pressuring my mother-in-law to get blood drawn so they can look for things she is allergic to that might be the cause of her colitis. This sounds really weird to me. It costs an initial $500.00. They sent her a kit and a Dr’s order to get blood drawn. I think this goes way beyound pushing vitamins and skin care products. Has anyone had any experience with Usana? What are they settting her up for?

If I may interject

Yes, for many or even most of us, scientific method is the way to prove what works and we take meds that work based on clinical trials for efficacy and safety.

However, the placebo effect, which is what you’re referring to when you talk about true believers, is a known effect of some treatments and has its own validity. Placebos can be efficacious in many situations. While I don’t believe and would not benefit, there are many who do and western medical science takes it seriously.

Please note that I’m not advocating here – not in the least. But for some kinds of ailments, pain, in particular, placebos work.

Again, I’m not advocating the use of magnets for anything or anyone.