IMHO it makes absolutely no difference in case of Nikken if magnets work or not

And the discussion of efficacy of magnets just distracts from the large pyramid scheme run by the company. I have personally known Nikken “consultants” that made it to platinum after 5 yrs of living and breathing everything “Nikken”, and today, they are just about broke!!

Nikken somehow specializes in flying below the regulatory and news Radar, but takes its consultants for BIG $$.

So while we can all disagree on whether magnets work, or studies or lack thereof, lets not loose sight of the MLM aspect of this discussion – and I think we can all agree – the products don’t matter…

As for the help asked for here by Anaya, I think we would get much further focusing on the MLM aspect, rather than trying to shake her belief in alternative medicine or magnets.

So Anaya, here’s the long and short of it – If you like Nikken’s super expensive products, thats one thing. If you are thinking about the business, know that you have to sign up for autoship(they also have super expensive vitamins – all top of the line of course :), meal replacements, shakes, bracelets, air purifiers etc, and sooner or later, you will own them all ) – They also have this “Wellness” home that you will have to buy at more than $5000. In addition, they have “mandatory” training before you can get to a level where you get any commissions. In short, my opinion is, walk away!!

If you do like magnets, there are other non-MLM vendors of magnetic insoles and such that you can google and get for waaaay less money that you would spend with Nikken….

Good luck!