My involvement with Nikken is somewhat anecdotal, but I’ll toss it in and try to be brief

First, I commend you for doing some due diligence after the initial “HOLY COW! THIS IS GONNA MAKE ME RICH!!” phase subsided. I wish I would have done the same with my involvement in Amway and an Amway Motivational Organization.

Second, one of my brothers joined Nikken and spoke, too, of ultra high-priced products, rationalizing that THESE magnets were somehow better than (so-called) ‘normal’ magnets. He gave a wacky explanation, which I recall sounded like so much sales jargon that I — as his brother, mind you (and a thespian) — turned into a vignette about “At Nikken, we harvest only the BEST and BRIGHTEST electrons from the energy fields and valleys of atomic nuclei!!” which sort of pissed him off. But, hey, what are younger brothers for? And, besides, his rationale was obviously canned and avoided the issue. He spoke of having to ‘invest’ $2,500 (as I recall) in order ‘to REALLY get it going’ and I KNEW right then, this was a front-loaded sponsoring scheme.

He sponsored my dad, and both he and my dad swore by the products (as vehemently as they swore AT the prices) but (of course) “…distributors get a discount and, besides, when you sponsor (err…”help”) enough people it’s like getting these magnets for FREE.
Plus, you can make a TON of money. I mean, who do you want to help feel better or who do you know who wants to make a TON of money? Let’s call them now!…” Yeah. I think I know the rest.

Third, my brother and dad lost all their “investment” of $2,500 each, sponsored no one and had a slew of magnets they were wearing and “demo-ing” for months afterward, trying to create interest so they could sell their over-priced inventory and recoup at least SOME of their loss from the front-loaded bonus level “buy-in” scam.

Fourth, Nikken reeks of the putrid stench of “MLM” — and there are PLENTY of posts (way more detailed and succinct than mine could ever be) that thoroughly and finitely explain why MLMs, by their very nature, are bad business models and benefit the very few at the expense of the very many. Please continue to search MLMs business model on this site (and virtually ANY post by paine_wwweb_r on the topic!).

Fifth, take my story at face value only and do more research yourself before you part with THOUSANDS for (what I think can be proven by surfing this board) is just another scam to take advantage of the well-intentioned.

You are SO FAR ahead of the curve on this. Keep digging. Never stop asking questions.

All the best